Welcome to my personal website at yiqianlu.org (陆奕骞). IMG_0186 副本

On this website I share my views towards economics, financial market, politics, maths, computer science industry and Internet, sports, history, etc. I wish to share academic thoughts and life track on my website. You can use any materials including my academic papers on my website with appropriate quotes unless it is claimed to be no reproduction without permission. This is the faith of open Internet spirit.

Here is my Research content, including some old papers and coding projects(under different compilers). Some of them may not be in formal style.

My research interest includes Macroeconomics, Game Theory and Strategy, Chinese Monetary Policy, Chinese Political Transformation, Internet and 21st century global economics, Financial Market and Financial Derivatives.

Other interest includes Discrete Maths, Computer Algorithm, Financial Market and Hedge Fund, Chinese and Chinese Communist Party History, Military and Weapon Development.

Here is my teaching information. I am currently teaching and arranging discussion groups in some classes.

Here is the page I record my life(some in Chinese). I use words to remember my growing track. I am a child of God and I cherish what I own by not wasting every minute in my life.

If you have any suggestions or good ideas, please contact me through emails: andyluyiqian at gmail dot com. Further contact information is available on my CV and Contact pages.

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