(Previous Article 5)In memory of Steve (written on 20111006)

This morning I woke up and shocked by the news Steve had passed away…Nothing could be said since everyone know the meaning of that. The ubiquitous impact of Steve on not only the customers of Apple but all one around the world,struggling with pancreas cancer.We, everyone savoring every minute accompanying with Apple and Pixar, could not hesitate to deliver our sadness. We’ve lost a gifted talent and an inspring mentor.But not only that, our mankind has lost enormous amount of innovation.

The first Macintosh has changed the life of modern technology–how we use the information to alter the connection with our family,friend and particularly anonymous. Thanks to multitask computer with a graphical user interface, Steve dragged us out of the complicated and user-unfriendly command lines. However, Microsoft plagiarized the revolutionary invention and then, followed by IBM. Since the bad selling report of Macintosh (mostly because of the high price but not correlation with the outstanding profile and function of Macintosh), Steve were forced to leave Apple. The next decade after this incident was a terrrible and painful period for Apple but a gargantuan gratification to countless moive lovers. Steve, together with Pixar, remained young kids unforgetable memory with happiness. Toy Story perfectly linked entertainment with calligraghy industry. And Jobs, the mighty designer of various typeface, would never consign his name to oblivion. And then a hero came along ,with the strength to carry on. And you cast the fear you aside, and you know you can survive. Yes he can! In 1997 Apple recombined its future with Steve. After that, the past ten years the whole has witnessed the inconceivable success of Ipod, Iphone and Ipad. With your faith, MP3, cellphone and laptop are all redifined. Maybe you are just the Almight GOD who hinder the talentless permeating whole world. How can I imagine the Apple without Steve and how can I imagine the Iphone 6 will be without Steve. Maybe you are designing a new Iphone for the God.

Today we say godbye to you and to beloved one. When you quitted CEO of Apple everyone knew this day would come one day but not so fast. Just one and half months, Apple lost you. All of us lost you. The artist, combining information technology with comfortable entertainment, has no extra energy contributing to Iphone 5 and Ipad 3. But, you, Steve, dedicated yourself to honorable career of abridging  the time and cost to happiness; paved the way for a new epoch of user-friendly IT revolution.

Yes, Steve, you never come along . All of us are with you. Your Ipad, Iphone and Ipod ,your Macintosh has enlightened illteracy and darkness; has accompanyed us in sweltering summer and frigid winter. Now it is time for those toys with you in paradise.

We all remember you ,Steve.


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