What we care is the thing remains forever

When you arrive at the United States first, you will have the feeling that all the people in the United States are really stubborn. No matter how you get angry, they will never allows any behavior prohibited by the law or regulation happens. For instance, if you fail to carry your ID card with you, you will find it is absolutely impossible to get aboard no matter how urgent you are. Usually when this kind of situation happens in China, you can be on aboard by playing tricks or bribing the staff. But here is the United States and there is no way.

What we observe in daily life is that Chinese people individually is much smarter than the United States. However, when we treat these people as a union we have to conclude that US people have higher efficiency than Chinese. It is not because the Chinese can fail to adapt the US society but the group of Chinese people has decreasing efficiency with respect to scale. It is said that one individual Chinese person is a dragon but one group of Chinese is a crowd of insects, which means we Chinese can never succeed to cooperate with each other. Everyone in the game only cares about himself, calculating his own benefits without taking collective interests into account. It is just like the situation in the prisoner dilemma that everyone is eager to admit rather than deny his crime by seeking his own benefit while the mutual benefit is the lowest in this Nash equilibrium. We have no right to blame each person to look for his own maximum benefit. However, in the real life when we are struggle for our own interest with no moral bottom line, it will lead to great moral hazard. Someone may argue the moral hazard of some individuals shall not directly lead to severe problem. But the speculative behaviors of individual has cultivated a social speculative atmosphere therefore leads to a speculative authority, which is considered to be the most terrible thing.

Actually, what the Chinese authority behaves is partly similar to the behavior of the prisoner in the dilemma. The authority can do whatever things no matter how horrible to maximize the government’s utility such as seizing money, power and stability in short run, neglecting the long run negative effects such as low social moral standard and peasant uprising, for each government leader has only at most ten-year tenure to maximize his utility. This authority speculation, therefore, is the main reason of Chinese long-time turmoil period for almost thousands of years. During the Culture Revolution, for instance, in order to regain righteousness of the power, Mao destroyed almost all the historical relics and treated them as feudal vestiges. On the contrary, after the Reform and Opening Up Policy in the late 20th century, the authority rebuilt these historic relics to increase sightseeing income. The authority uses almost all kinds of methods to dilute the ideology influence among Chinese. By reaching its own sake, the government could break the rule that is built by itself in a short time, which make no further convince among the ordinary people and will definitely cause disastrous effects in the long run. No one will protect the weak and the disadvantage by maximizing his own short run benefit. In 1949, no one remembered to help the KMT party since CCP promises to the social that everyone would live better under their dominance. Almost everyone, under the rule of speculation and short run utility maximization, chooses to terminate KMT’s political position in the mainland. Needless to say, it is himself who used speculation standard to make judgment rather than CPC killed his life in the Culture Revolution. Those persons forget that no one will keep promise without surveillance.

What we do is the thing that ought to remain constant forever: the Constitution, the respect to the rule. The rule of the society should never be adjusted according to one’s own benefit. A rule is a rule. The speculation moral standard should be abandoned thoroughly from the society, or the tragedy will happen once more in the future, simply just because the human nature is similar. We cannot expect too much on the peaceful transformation of China, since nowadays almost all the people live under speculation moral standard and even those scholars who ask for democracy cannot be an exception. Today the scholar can vote for A and tomorrow can for B just because choose A maximizes his utility today while B maximizes tomorrow. There SHOULD be an eternity in the society. That is actually the GOD, because GOD has no conflicts with us and saves our soul by dedicating himself to us. Any agency with real entities can never satisfy the definition of eternity since any agency will have someday that can not survive any more. We can never prove the existence of GOD and nor cannot we. That is the strongest demonstration of the existence of GOD as an eternal.

Looking at the peace in the United States, what remains the constant is its Constitution and Social Rules. We can see the constant wonderful scene of Yellow Stone Park and the Great Canyon, which is under protection of the law that claims we should leave these magnificent scenes to our offspring. These can never be destroyed in the United States just because the Americans believe the eternity of GOD and obey the rule in any conditions without asking ”why”. Thanks the almighty GOD to leave us such great moral standard and consequently such great landscapes. This phenomenon was and will never be observed in the land of China. In one word, a Chinese individual is a dragon while groups of Chinese are simply worms because an individual only cares about himself and only cares short run.

When you believe the eternity, the GOD will bless you. And when you do not believe, the GOD will never pray for you. That seems to be irrational. But how can make the statement of “irrational conclusion” by using the assumption that the spirit of ration dominates the world? If you don’t believe eternity and always speculates, the history of turmoil will reappear in China in the foreseeable future, which will cause another demolishing slaughter both physically and mentally.


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