A Visit to 9/11 Relics

During my three day short stay in New York City, I have a twenty minutes trip to the 911 relics, where locates exactly in the Manhattan World Trade Center. To tell the truth, what impressed me the most in New York is the 911 World Trade Center relics rather than the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for it makes me peaceful in heart that reminds me the United States never forgets the loss.

It is a 15 minutes queuing before I can finally enter the relics. Everyone is required to donate 5 dollars or what he can to the World Trade Center Relics and I donated exactly 5 bucks to the 9/11 memorial fund. Michael Bloomberg, the cofounder of the Bloomberg Corporation and the mayor of the New York City, is the chairman of the committee. Thank you Mr. Bloomberg for offering great and immediate finance news and thank you Mr. Bloomberg to help the New York overcome the pain and struggle after 9/11 attack. 2,977 people were killed in this abrupt and crucial terrorist attack, among which are more than 400 first responders who died performing their sworn duties.

On the relics of the North and South building of the original World Trade Center are two waterfalls, which provide me a solemn and silent place to express my sadness and the memory to the loss. 2,977 names are engraved on the granite of the waterfall. I can touch and pray for these people. Wish them happy in the paradise. Someone just took photos before the granite. I don’t thing it is the right thing we should do in such a place, which is a place for memory but not sightseeing trip. We shall never forget those firefighters performing their duties and rescuing lives from the building, leaving us the most splendid and magnificent figure in this cruel disaster. We shall never forget the passengers on the Flight 93, launching a counter-offensive battle in the cabinet and finally crashing into an empty field heroically in western Pennsylvania. And we shall never forget the men and women, boys and girls, black and white inside the World Trade Center. Your fame will never fade with the loss of your life. The citizens of New York and the citizens of the United States will never forget you, since you are the eternal part of the United States and the September 11,2001 will be an eternal date that shall never be forgot in the United States. It is said that December 7, 1941 is the shame day in the United States but now we have to add September 11,2001. When president George Bush announced on the television that the United States will never forgive the murderer and will never forget the loss. I know that is the reason why the United States comes first around the world. Now I witness such memory in the New York.

To pray for the weak is the US spirit. I can see the seeing-eye dogs and barrier-free ways all over the New York state. This is the faith of the United States that we should take care of the disabled because God requires us to do so. Anyone can become the weak and we should reserve seat for the weak. When we grow older or face misfortune, we can be seated in the warm place we reserve and no longer feel pain and homeless. I can never experience such great memorial hall in my own country, which give me a desperate feeling that the Chinese own the spirit that we embrace the power and ignore the helpless. But everyone may become weak in some extreme case. Who knows?

This article is dedicated to the people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.


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