Chicago is a nice metropolitan city with large amounts of high-rises. When I was standing at the top of Sears Tower I found the city and Michigan Lake is that kind of magnificent.

The magnificent mile is a little bit similar to 5th avenue in New York City but with less traffic jams. It seems this kind of street with luxuries and high-rises should be the landmark of a metropolitan city. However, in my view the history and culture shall be the truth and business cards of a great city. When Chicago recovered from the heavy fire in late 19th century, the citizens of Chicago overcame painful loss and casualty to rebuild a nice city. So many high-rises like John-Hancock Center and Sears Tower grew fast like bamboo after the shower. No one can imagine reincarnation of such a great city with asperity. The winter in Chicago could be six or seven months. Last year a low temperature record was reset and consequently the city was severely harmed. But all these surroundings could never stop Chicago people from striving for their happiness. Nowadays Chicago is still one of the global financial centers while CME almost represents the whole derivatives market of the United States.

Boating above the Michigan River I found it is a nice place to live and study peacefully in the summer. Different from the bustle in New York City, Chicago is really a quiet place for contemplating sophisticated problems. No wonder in the past there were so many Nobel Prize Laureates who were originated from Chicago. Actually President Obama is also from Chicago but from a place with bad public security situation. Racial problem still exists in a large part of Chicago. Hardly can we see the racial separation be relieved in the near future in Chicago downtown but it is a must that all the people should make a trial. Five decades from now Chicago University was a top-one research institution around the world. But with the public security situation becoming worth the university could no longer remain her previous academic rank. This is really a tragedy. We should avoid this happening in other places.

It is such a beautiful city. I love Chicago more than the big apple city.


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